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Welcome to the 2024 Global Survey of School Meal Programs!

The Global Survey of School Meal Programs is the most comprehensive data collection on national and large-scale school feeding programs. The resulting data fills a critical knowledge gap by creating and maintaining an up-to-date global database of standardized information on school meal programs.

National governments are invited to designate a government-appointed focal point to complete the Global Survey of School Meal Programs. Data collection occurs from November 2023 through May 2024 and will collect information on the 2022 school year.

Every country has a designated Global Survey Associate to support government participation in the Survey. To be connected with the Global Survey Associate for your country, please contact

School Meal Programs Around
the World

Gender and School Meal Programs

COVID-19 and School Meal Programs

School Meal Programs in ECOWAS

School Meal Programs in Latin America & the Caribbean

Income and School Meal Programs

School Meal Programs and the Environment

School Meal Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa

Health, Nutrition, and School Meal Programs

School Meal Programs in the Caribbean

2024 Global Survey Questionnaire – English

2024 Global Survey Questionnaire – Arabic

2024 Global Survey Questionnaire – French

2024 Global Survey Questionnaire – Portuguese

2024 Global Survey Questionnaire – Russian

2024 Global Survey Questionnaire – Spanish

2024 Program Sections C-I – English

2024 Program Sections C-I – French

2024 Program Sections C-I – Portuguese

2024 Program Sections C-I – Russian

2024 Program Sections C-I – Spanish

2024 Global Survey Glossary – English

2024 Global Survey Glossary – Arabic

2024 Global Survey Glossary – French

2024 Global Survey Glossary – Portuguese

2024 Global Survey Glossary – Russian

2024 Global Survey Glossary – Spanish

Survey questionnaires are designed to be completed by government-appointed Focal Points. Focal Points may need to collaborate across ministries or with other partners to collect the requested information.

If you are a government representative ready to nominate your Focal Point, please contact

If you are a partner organization and would like more information about how to engage with the Global Survey, please contact