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Education and Nutrition:
Reaching Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic

With over 1.5 billion learners affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, many countries are struggling to ensure children continue to receive a nutritious meal.

GCNF will host a series of interactive webinars for government officials and their implementing partners to discuss strategies for addressing school meal program disruptions in the short-term, how they’ll continue in the future, how to re-start programs, and more. GCNF will convene researchers, corporate partners, and other implementers to discuss their experience.

Webinar 1: How Partners are Safely Getting Food to School-age Children and Their Families
Thursday, May 7 - 9:00AM ET

Through this session, GCNF highlights what our partners are doing in this space to ensure governments avoid reinventing the wheel and can quickly adapt practices to local context.

Webinar 2: How to Make Alternative Feeding Modalities Sustainable and Safe for the Duration of the Crisis
Tuesday, May 26 - 9:00AM ET

Through this session, GCNF will share best practices, possible roadblocks, and other opportunities to continue school feeding and complementary programs for schools that do not plan to re-open in the near future.