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2023 Global Child Nutrition Forum

Forum mondial sur la nutrition des enfants Foro Mundial de Nutrición Infantil Fórum Global de Nutrição Infantil Глобальный форум по детскому питанию المنتدى العالمي لتغذية الطفل


Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Child Nutrition Forum is a learning exchange and technical assistance conference held annually to support countries in the development and implementation of sustainable school feeding programs. Since 1997, the annual Global Child Nutrition Forum has united leaders from countries around the world for up to five days of intensive training, technical assistance and planning, all directed toward establishing country-operated sustainable school feeding programs. By sharing their insights, experiences, and challenges, an informal worldwide alliance of leaders dedicated to advancing school feeding has evolved. As a result, the Forum has become a global catalyst for school feeding development.

The 2023 Forum will take place in New Delhi, India.

The 2023 Forum is scheduled to take place in late October / early November.

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For the plenary and breakout sessions of the Forum (as well as dinners and opening/closing ceremonies) the recommended dress code is business attire. For school visits, we recommend casual or business casual with comfortable shoes.

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