Preview of the Home-Grown School Meals Resource Framework

With the rapid evolution of home-grown school meals  (HGSM) and the emergence of several new HGSM tools, GCNF is now in the process of developing a resource package to harmonize existing tools that support government planning and implementation processes. The HGSM Resource Framework aims to help governments design, plan, and implement their own programs, selecting what they need from the most current and reviewed tools. GCNF recognizes the growing demand for combining assessment and diagnosis processes with a practical guidance on how to implement HGSM programs. The Resource Framework is meant to be used in combination with GCNF’s existing School Feeding Toolkit and/or the SABER toolkit and will guide countries in establishing using the latest tools and documented best practices that link school feeding with local smallholder farm production and nutrition. Furthermore, it will support governments and program implementers with a step-by-step process to designing and planning their HGSM programs. The resource framework will be introduced and shared at upcoming Forums.