Powerful things happen when parents, educators, community organizers, local businesses, and government officials within a school system share a common vision for healthy children. Yes, a child’s prospects are changed but it is far more than that. Local farmers work with purpose knowing there’s a ready market for their goods. Jobs are created to distribute and produce food. Local economies grow stronger as children grow up to be healthy, productive citizens who can access and create opportunity. When systems work together in this manner, school nutrition programs are sustainable and scalable. Societies develop in which hunger is not a barrier to children’s learning and local economies thrive.

Gene White
President of the Board
2016 Forum At-a-Glance

In less than two months, attendees of the 18th annual Global Child Nutrition Forum will be arriving in Yerevan, Armenia for a week of interactive learning and discussion. See the forum overview

GCNF June Update

June has been a busy month for the GCNF team. Forum Preparations for the 18th annual Global Child Nutrition Forum are well underway. This year’s event will take place September

Save the Date: 2016 Global Child Nutrition Forum

                When: September 5 to 9, 2016 Where: Yerevan, Armenia Primary theme: Building Powerful and Durable National School Meal Programs The Global Child


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Nutritious food helps children to lead healthy, productive lives. There is an immediate opportunity to reach 65 million school-age children who currently attend school but do not get enough to eat. Evidence shows that locally-sourced school meal programs have wide-reaching effects across sectors, especially increasing children’s educational outcomes and improving their development, ameliorating the effects of hunger, and creating learning and economic opportunities even in very poor communities. Get involved today by making a tax-deductible contribution.

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